Marine UPS

Reliable Rugged Backup Power Products

​Energy Technologies’ (ETI) products are the standard in rugged, high-reliability power backup and conditioning for the defense, industrial, medical and telecommunications sectors. These modular products are in use around the world including Rugged UPS, Power Inverters, PDUs, Power Conditioners, Frequency Converters,  Portable Generators, Solar Power, Fuel Cells, Computers, Transportable shelters and Peripheral Equipment.

Designed to be deployed worldwide, ETI’s global UPS and power conditioners convert any world voltage and frequency into clean, true sinewave 50, 60 or 400 hertz AC power; allowing computers and vital equipment to be reliably used anywhere.

Find Out More about the Marine UPS series:
ETI0019-2110EB, 700 Watt Tactical Wheeled UPS
ETI0019-2120EB, 2000VA, 1500 Watt Tactical UPS
ETI0019-2120EP, 1500 Watt Tactical Wheeled Carry-On UPS
ETI0019-2110EN, 700 Watt Tactical UPS
ETI0019-2110EO, 700 Watt Tactical Wheeled UPS
ETI0019-2110EJ, 700 Watt Tactical UPS with temp control
ETI0019-2110EH, 700 Watt Tactical Wheeled UPS
ETI0019-2120EM, 1500 Watt Tactical Wheeled Carry-On UPS